Monday, 22 February 2010

Reading Circle 5, Chapter 6: Moving Towards Design

Today´s agenda:
* A common framework
* Design Principles (six principles)

Dourish writes that It would be inapropriate to give guides and principles here, but he does anyway:
1 Computation is a medium
Yes, but we don't really agree with the example with learning to program since, that's using computers really.

2 Meaning arise on multiple levels

One artifact can have different meanings to different persons and different situations.

3 Users, not designers, create and communicate meaning
Yes, users understand meaning individually

4 Users, not designers, manage coupling

Maybe, but the designers should make a strong coupling that help users understand. On the other hand the designer should try to make an open system so that the user can customize the usage.
Maybe the designer should use a lot of user testing to see how users prefer to use the system and then develop that usage further. Kind of like in architecture when you don't build pathways until you see where people are walking.

5 Embodied technologies participate in the world they represent
Not clear what he really means

6 Embodied interactions turns action into meaning
Make logical systems, that map action to meaning.

Questions to answer during the reading circle:

What are the main points of the chapter.
What you think is obviuos is not necessarily obvious to someone else.

Unclear parts in the book.

principle 5 above.

Find useful info that can be used in our projects.

The ideas are a good backdrop for thinking when designing, even though they aren't a method.

Have an interesting discussion.
We think most of this is pretty obvious but maybe it's good to get it in writing.

Come up with ideas for a possible workshop.
20 design and then let other users use it and see if they understood it in the same way.
Foldable "design" each person designs a small part and then see the full design.
Guide another person through a maze (he shouldn't see it) see how the communication works.

Until next week: Read chapter 7!

Attendants: Magnus, Peter, Nathalie, Josefin, Christofer, Jacob, Yathika, Fanny
Secretary: Åke

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