Monday, 1 February 2010

Main points of the chapters we have read for today.

Chapter 1 - A History of Interaction

Computers will change...
Phenomenology - "is primarily concerned with how we perceive, experience, and act in the world around us."

Chapter 2 - Getting in touch

Ubiquitous and tangible computer systems.


Is it true that the computers will disappear, become hidden?
People wouldn't want them to disappear today but eventually they will. Every day we see something new being produced that draw us closer to a more and more computerised living.

Where can we find computers, in the office is obvious but not so obvious where in your home. Computers can be embedded in basically anything today but what would the use be.
- We wouldn't want computers everywhere though. One problem is that it will affect our privacy.
In the future we will get even less privacy but it will probably be accepted. As we can see today most people accept less privacy being introduced.

For future RC’s we decided:

- If it is possible we would want to do a workshop instead of an oral presentation of the book.

-- Goals for each week --
What are the main points of the different chapters.
Unclear parts in the book.
Find useful info that can be used in our projects.
Examples we can relate to which reflects the ideas.
Have an interesting discussion.
Come up with ideas for a possible workshop.

Who was here: Nathalie, Peter, Yathika, Jacob, Fanny, Magnus, Åke, Cenlan, Baixi, Christofer.

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