Monday, 1 March 2010

Reading Circle 6: Chapter 7

Attendances: Josefin, Nathnalie, Christofer, Åke, Yathika, Fanny, Peter, Jacob, Cenlan

Information Appliances
: Having one appliances for each task. We think that it would be better to have one machine that does most. And maybe separate the most standard tasks in their own appliances. It have downsides that you have to learn a lot of difference interfaces even if they will be easier to use. But splitting up the appliances is troublesome due to the "barriers".

Convergence: Mobile phone is a good example of convergence. We as a group prefer convergence.

Invisibile UI: Chapter is a lot about Ubiquitous Computing. We think that Invisible UI is already out there in some way, for example accelerometer in the iPhone could be explained as a Invisible UI. But you still have to learn the UI, which we thinks is a good think opposite to Dourish that wants everything to be so natural that you don't have to learn at all.
Something becomes invisible because we learn it. A better name/solution would be a Natural UI meaning that it would feel natural to learn it.

Social & Technical: -

Physical & Symbolic: There is no point of using a physical interface if its not symbolic. You have to symbolize otherwise it makes no point at all.

Questions to answer during the reading circle:

What are the main points of the chapter.
Obviously a conclusion about the book. Where he often explains it better and easier than in the main chapters.

Unclear parts in the book.
What the difference between Representational view and Symbolic view?

Find useful info that can be used in our projects.
Being a conclusion there is not a whole lot new stuff that we haven't already mentioned

Come up with ideas for a possible workshop.
Being a conclusion there is not a whole lot new stuff that we haven't already mentioned