Monday, 15 February 2010

Reading Circle 4, Chapter 5: Foundations

Today´s agenda:

Three aspects of meaning - plays a role in understanding embodied interaction.
Ontology - understand the computational world, which through we operate.
Intersubjectivity - directness of our actions & the effects that our action are designed to cause
Intentionality - we share the world with other individuals.

Coupling - understand and interpret the interactive systems and operate through them.

Coupling in Metaphors


Questions to answer during the reading circle:
What are the main points of the different chapters.
The aspects of meaning in embodied interaction. the effects of what our actions cause. How we share the world with other individuals. We all have different views of what our world is.

Unclear parts in the book.
Intentionality - what a system is suppose to do.
Intersubjectivity- the communications between users, through a system. the importance of what a system really can do for a person.

Find useful info that can be used in our projects.
No not really, but we did get useful info about the metaphors and coupling.

Examples we can relate to which reflects the ideas.
We couldnt find anything new to reflect ubout. But we can reflect about the coupling and metaphor part we learned about in the course ubiquitous computing.

Have an interesting discussion.
We did have discussions about what the author really want to tell us. And about aspects of meaning.

Come up with ideas for a possible workshop.

Intentionality and Intersubjectivity. Make people design things and then see how other people percieve and understand it. Like Twitter. The way people use it was not the purpose the designers intended.

Until next week: Read chapter 6!

Attendants: Magnus, Peter, Nathalie, Josefin, Christofer, Jacob, Yathika, Fanny

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